In the heart of Cais do Sodré, just a few steps from the lively Pink Street, you arrive at Paraíso, an experience that combines the art of mixology and gastronomy. Paraíso is a space of refinement, sophistication and refuge, which contrasts with the hustle and bustle of the Pink Street.

The eclectic decor, with the bench seats covered in tapestries, the mahogany counter surrounded by 13 high stools and the magnanimous chandelier, divide the bar into two distinct but complementary environments.

Every detail of Paraíso is a sensorial provocation: the exquisite distillates, the signature cocktails, which open new horizons through innovative techniques such as ultrasound, centrifugation, fermentation or slow cooking. In Paraíso, seasonal changes are also celebrated, offering an original and always varied selection of new experiences.

Mixology in Paraíso fuses creativity and skill, redefining the art of drinking (or snacking). Cocktails can be accompanied by snacks based on fish, meat and vegetables.